I find Canada very beautiful, stable and safe.

Semco salehi - I Am torontonian

My name is Abdel Majeed Firjani, and I am originally from Libya. I immigrated to Canada late 2013 and I’ve been living here for a year and four months. I am a photojournalist. In university I studied Fine Arts, and although I specialized in cinematography I wanted to pursue photo journalism. I worked for the multinational non-profit American news agency, Associated Press and I focused on war zone reporting. I am passionate about photography generally; including  landscapes, portrait and macro. I have showcased my work in many exhibits and have participated in international photography contests. I also won first place in an Italian contest and second and third in other places.

I find Canada very beautiful, stable and safe. I believe that Canada supports a multicultural environment and allows for the cohabitation of people from different backgrounds because of the safety conditions that it fulfills and allows for a peaceful life.

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