logo I Am Torontonian is a cultural artistic project with the mission to transform the way people see Torontonians through pictures.

Toronto-based photographer, Semco Salehi, is organizing a gallery of photos taken across the GTA, representing and documenting random individuals only to portray life in Toronto and create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants.

All the photos posted on the website are taken on the streets of Toronto. Pictures may include quotes, commentaries, sounds and small video clips to share the primary information and/or tell a story.

I Am Torontonian will be focused on bringing our community a sense of unity, culture and awareness.

I Am Torontonian’s goal is to demonstrate that we, the people of the earth, can all live in peace for the limited time we share on our planet.

Photos on this website are not for sale. All rights are reserved.



All photos by Semco Salehi

I Am Torontonian logo designed by Vahid Fazel

I Am Torontonian would like to thank:

Hediyeh Sarayani, Mark Murulla, Lisa Polivka, Azad Imanirad, Christopher Arthur Hughes, Shaghayegh Oghbaie