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Semco Salehi - I Am TorontonianHi my name is Kyla. I went to university; I did exactly what I supposed to do. I got a degree and I got a job right away. I decided that the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the way that the corporate lifestyle treated people, so I decided to go and get a massage therapy degree and also on top of that I decided to go and get trained in fitness so right now I’m working on my spin certification as well as my massage therapy degree and I’m travelling the world. I’m a surfer so I just came back from travelling the Pacific Coast. I also was in Costa Rica and I went down and I surfed on the Caribbean Sea. I have in the last month been to Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica and I’m currently taking Spanish lessons at the Spanish Centre as well as salsa lessons at the Spanish Centre so that I fit a little bit better in Central and South America. I am dressed as Frida, one of the most iconic people period in Mexico. She’s a very inspiring woman because she painted herself exactly how she saw herself. She didn’t Photoshop, which I think is very important for women today. I think a lot of women live in a bubble that doesn’t exist and I think it’s important to spread the truth: this is what women look like, this is what women are, and this is what you’re getting. I think it’s very unrealistic to perpetuate, Photoshop and airbrush images. It’s not healthy for women at all. So, I have my unibrow and I look amazing.

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