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Semco Salehi - I Am ToronronianHi I’m Christopher and I guess I want to talk about my past marriage. It was one of those “love-at-first-sights” and it was actually at the workplace. He was outside smoking a cigarette and I walked up and I’m like “Hey, how are you doing?” That night I invited him out to a movie and he thought that it was just a casual date, a casual friend thing, because he wasn’t from here, he was from overseas and he said: “Wow, Canadians are so friendly.” So throughout this whole 8-hour night, I’m thinking, “We’re at the movies, why are our legs not touching? Why are our arms not touching? I don’t understand.” So throughout the night, he’s like: “Oh, I’m kind of seeing somebody,” and that was at McDonald’s and I thought “Okay, this is not good.” So I got home and I called my mother and she said: “Don’t worry, you’ll win.” And I was like, “Okay, no problem.” Next day at work, he’s like “Okay, I’m going to see what’s going on. I’ve been seeing this guy for a week and it’s not fair that I start seeing him at the same time as you.” So then we started to date, and he was in the closet, which was hard, and he said that he’d never come out, and one night I came home and he kneeled down and proposed and planned an amazing wedding. It was black-tie and then our honeymoon was in this Spanish castle and that was that. It was a good marriage and then things kind of got a little bit rocky because he was in the closet with his family and I just started drifting away and then you look back on it… We went to therapy once, after I asked twice, and the therapist said: “Go away on your anniversary,” so we went away on our anniversary and the next day on our anniversary I was sitting across from a restaurant and he said: “You don’t look too happy.” And I said: “I would like a divorce.” So after that flew out of my mouth, that’s when everything happened. After the fact, we see each other every day. I bought in the same neighbourhood as him and if I don’t see him or talk to him each day, it’s not the same.

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