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Semco Salehi - I Am TorontonianMy name is Luu, or my first name is Claire but I also go by Luu and my story started in 1989. I was born in Scarborough General Hospital and my mom had abandoned me in a plastic bag and threw me in the garbage and a nurse found me. Her name was Nora so I was nicknamed “Baby Nora” and I was a huge news story all throughout Toronto – what was it? The Toronto Sun, the Globe and Mail and all these things, and I was found. My mom Brenda Parris, she called in a million times until they finally asked her if she’d like to take me. So now I’m living my life and finding out who I am and learning about myself and bracing the fact that I’m a real life miracle, and I did it! I completed it and I’m living so that’s my story!

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