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Semco Salehi - I Am torontonian

Hi I’m Marika & I’m Douglas,

I run a company in Toronto called Kink Engineering, making latex clothing, we came down to movie wardrobe sale to get some fun ideas, inspiration and really awesome clothing.

– I am a carpenter and I happen to love this crazy lady…  laughs… So I got some great clothing as well, nice suit jacket…

– Mostly for upcoming wedding…

– Congratulations

– Thank you.

– How did you guys meet?

– Nude beach… on Toronto Island, nude Beach

– Some of our friends hooked us up

– Yeah

– We hated each other at first and then

– She is a snob

– Yeah and he was going to be one night-stand then he’s stuck.

Laughs and now we’re engaged and super in love…

( Laughing ) well congratulations guys

– Thank you.


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