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Semco Salehi _ I Am TorontonianI come from China. My name is Yawen and I came here it’s almost a year and I graduated in university of Winnipeg, no, no high school of Winnipeg. And then I applied to go to OCAD University and I get an offer and everything is perfect, the only thing is my English is not good enough. I’m not enough so I started in the language school nowadays and I meet a lot of people from all different countries. I really appreciate here. I really like the environment over here because there is a different style of house, it’s very different to China because there it’s always high building and crowd but here I can meet different people. I’m a little bit nervous. I also meet a very good landlord and I have a roommate. Sometimes I cook some cake or something for my landlord even though he said it’s not good cake, but I said it tastes good!

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