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Hi! My name is Eddie and I’m from Big Trouble Pizza, and my story about pizza started when I wanted to open a pizza shop. I didn’t know how I was gonna do it; I didn’t know how to make pizza, so I thought the best way to start was to eat ALL the pizza I could. And so we basically ate pizza for a year everywhere we could and we found that there wasn’t a single pizza that we absolutely loved that we could eat over and over and over again. That was important for us. So after trying all the pizzas we decided that a lot of people have this preconception of not eating the crust; they expect to not eat the crust when they go into a pizza-eating experience and we thought that if we could change that then maybe the Toronto pizza scene would be in big trouble and that’s kind of how the name started as kind of a joke… Anyways the pizza that we make is a collection of techniques from different methods of pizza-making, and so in that way it’s like Toronto. Toronto has different neighbourhoods and different neighbourhoods that make up the city, so our technique of making pizza is an amalgamation of different techniques and so we think that that’s pretty Toronto-style, cause Toronto Is a collection of different neighbourhoods.

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