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My name’s Irene and I have lived in Toronto all my life. I’m a thirty something singleton; recently moved to the Queen West area and just enjoying my Saturday when I was approached to tell you a story about my life and take my photo.  So I’ve recently began a style blog and it’s called Petite Plus Meow and it’s gotten quite a lot of interest in a very short amount of time so I’m very excited about that. I’m also an active member of the Toronto Vintage Society and last night I got to be a part of Electro Swing Toronto’s event for Sweethearts and Singletons. It was a fantastic night. I got to experience a bit of the Lindy Hop. I’m gonna start taking more lessons – fantastic night! I’m on my way home from a Mirvish show called Metamorphosis so I’m really truly a city girl living it up in Toronto. Thank you!

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