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Semco Salehi _ I Am Torontonian

My name is Mike. I live in Toronto; I live in the Annex, Bathurst/College area. I’ve worked in kitchens for the past 10-15 years but I took this summer off. I’m still taking time off and I think everyone should try it and find other resourceful and creative ways to make income as opposed to just going with whatever feels right at the time. It’s okay to feel a little scared. It’s actually better. It’s comforting. It actually makes you feel alive. Things happen out of the mundane.

What did you find for yourself so far?
I like it. I’m finding that I’m just working on myself and have the time to sit around and I’m eating better and making better choices because I don’t feel the need to reward myself all the time. To me if you work a lot, when you get off work you can indulge in things you shouldn’t be doing because you feel like you deserve it so it puts more pressure to live a cleaner quality of life I would reckon. That’s what I’m trying to do.

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