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Semco Salehi - I Am Torontonian Hi my name is Joanna Prescod and I am a program facilitator and costumer here in Toronto. I really believe that clothes are social objects and I plan on working in a culture institution where I’m able to illuminate the stories that lay hidden within textiles. I love Toronto, it’s definitely part of my narrative and throughout my whole life I’ve been just trying to find my narrative or find my story within the streets of Toronto and growing up here, going to school, and having the opportunity to move away, but I was really determined to make my name known here and to make use of the cultural resources that are around me, and to make a difference. I find that a lot of Canadians or Torontonians tend to move away, which is not a problem, but I just want to make my story clear here and I want to make a difference within the city that gave me a lot of opportunities to do so.

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