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Semco Salehi - I Am torontonianMy name is Leila Zahiri and I’m from Toronto. I graduated in Fine Arts majoring in Photography and minoring in Drawing and Painting. I actually came to Toronto in August 2008 and I started going to OCAD after two years. One day I remember I was showing one of my artworks to a friend of mine and she said I have to go to this school which deals with art, and I said “Okay, what’s the name of this school?” and she said it’s OCAD and I went there. I actually made friends with some of the people at OCAD and they really helped me get through the portfolio day and so I finally got in. I actually graduated last June, in June 2014, and right now I’m having a show at Ryerson. I’m planning to come back to Toronto cause I’m going to Iran and I have plans to stay there for some time. I will be back in Toronto after 8 or 9 months probably and I’m planning to study and get my Master’s Degree at Ryerson doing Secondary Media.

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