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Semco Salehi - I Am Torontonian

Hi, I’m from Toronto, actually from Belfast. I moved to Toronto 25 years ago, and I’m moving back to Belfast soon, not because I dislike Toronto (although maybe a little bit sometimes). It’s a great city though, so much to do at all times – you can go out on a Monday, then go out on a Sunday, a Tuesday afternoon, and the place is cracking – not so much in the winter, mind you, one of the reasons I’m moving back to Ireland. I can’t do another 6 months of this cold. Beautiful girls, lots of good people, could be better in some regards you know, people could be a little cheerier, a little happier, a little less depressed. Do your best, I say. In terms of cities, it’s one of the best I’ve been to in the world, and what can I say? Oh, there are couple on the right now…beautiful girls frickin’ everywhere! Toronto, I’d recommend it to anyone. My friends have come and visited here. They loved it; they all want to move here. Anywhere else you get a little sordid sometimes staying so long but yeah, just a little more cheerier, less tickets parking wise would be great – I f**king got one yesterday getting change for the parking meter, but all in all, it really f**king is a top notch place.

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