Toronto’s truly a world-class city

Semco Salehi - I Am TorontonianMy name is Marny Spidla. I was born in Torrance, California in 1988 and I moved back to Toronto with my parents in 1992. My parents were expatriate workers meaning I was an anchor child: dual citizenship at birth. So when I was 25, kinda feeling bored, kinda having a quarter-life crisis, I decided to give myself 2 months and a one-way ticket to move to Los Angeles. I moved here with 2 duffel bags and a guitar and when I cashed my first paycheque I had $8.00 left in my chequing account however it has been a very interesting journey. There’s a lot of things I took for granted in Toronto and there’s a lot of things I do enjoy about Los Angeles; mostly the weather, the proximity to nature and the anonymity of living in a city like this. However, I will always miss my friends and family back in Toronto, being able to take the subway which I never I thought I’d take for granted – I take back everything bad I ever said about your TTC – and the culture. It’s the feeling you get when you’re in Toronto. It’s a world-class city even though it may not feel like one; it’s really truly a world-class city and we should appreciate it more.


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