Angela and her love and hate relationship with Toronto

Semco Salehi - I Am TorontonianMy name’s Angela and it’s kind of funny that this site is called I Am Torontonian because I don’t identify as a Torontonian. I have strong roots on the east coast in Nova Scotia. I think I will always no matter how long I live in other places consider myself a Nova Scotian first and foremost. But I’m here studying geography, the intersections between people and places and health and healing in so many different environments and right now I’m getting to explore what that means in a giant city with people from all over the world and interactions like this one. It’s up and down. I have a very love and hate relationship with Toronto. I find it can be a cold city and then just as quickly it will shift and it’ll feel really warm. I think there is a mix between it feeling like an open and welcoming space and then it feeling like a really closed and concrete space. I spend a lot of time riding my bike into different neighbourhoods and depending on what street I am on I may feel happy or really angry at how people interact with each other. Today is a pretty good day for that.



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