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Semco salehi _ I Am torontonian

My name’s Rich. I was born and raised in Toronto. I moved around a fair amount, I lived in Ottawa, and I currently work for Scotiabank. I got my dog about two years ago. It completely changed my life. He’s a rescue and seen some difficult times, stuff I couldn’t even imagine, and now pretty much all my time is spent with him travelling the city, seeing graffiti -crazy artists, man- he opened up my eyes to all sorts of areas of Toronto that I never knew were around. Now he’s crying for attention.

He’s got his own Instagram profile. He’s got a modest following of like 2200 or something like that but we love all this: restaurants, graffiti artists, just shit that’s happening all the time, there’s carnivals, there’s always people up to something and it’s such a beautiful city so we’re happy to be a part of it. Like walking out here, I see you, I see a cool car, I sit down and now all of a sudden I’m introduced to something else new. I never would have experienced this stuff without him.

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