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Semco salehi - I Am Torontonian My name is Andrea. My husband, son and I moved from Saskatchewan to Toronto five years ago. I was pregnant with my second child, a daughter, at the time. Coming from a smaller city we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting into and we didn’t know if the move would be permanent. Since then we’ve fallen in love with the city and especially our little oasis of Bloor West Village, which has a small town feel in the middle of a huge city. We now have three children, two of whom were born in Toronto. I spend most of my time with them walking to school, playing in the parks, at the lakeshore, or riding the subway just for fun. My kids are hands down the centre of my life but I also wear a lot of other hats. I run our family’s real estate rental business and I’m a realtor. I’m also training to be a home inspector. This is all a far cry from my original academic training since I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science. I may have the all-consuming Toronto real estate market to thank for my changing interests. I do think real estate is discussed more often than the weather in Toronto.

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