Julien found so many cool people in Toronto

Semco Salehi - I Am Torontonian My name is Julien. I’m a musician. I’ve lived in Toronto for three years and I really like this city. I think it’s cool – a lot of cool people – one of them that I just met today (the guy that’s holding the phone in front of me) and I’m just enjoying life and discovering Toronto and Canada. I’m originally French and I’ve been living here now for 3 years so it’s discovering a little bit of a different culture. I lived in the United States for 15 years of my life so Canada is a little different but it reminds me of home, a little bit like Europe and then also North America. So it seems to be a good balance at the moment for me. It’s working.

Shortlink: http://wpu.ir/fhcrs


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