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Semco salehi - I Am Torontonian

Hi there! My name is Flim. I’m Thai originally. I was born in Thailand and then I moved to Canada about 12 years ago. I found this girl Joanna and then moved here. Now I’m living in the south of France, in England for a year, but I came back to Toronto. It’s very nice and cold here and I’m glad to be here; smoke some good weed and I met some good people and the people that I know from before. I also used to DJ here a lot in Toronto at the warehouse parties with the free techno community in Ontario and I travelled to London and a few places in Canada, and Montreal. Now I’m living in France and doing a little tour in Canada. It’s very good to be back. I went to the concert of Jeff Mills this past Saturday. It was great! I forgot how Toronto has such a great techno community and music lovers and people seem to be very happy and enjoy the music here compared to in Europe. People think in Europe people like the music and are very happy but actually not, they’re very picky, they’re very difficult! I’m glad to be here in Toronto, very very much! Thank you!

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