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Semco Salehi - I Am Torontonian

Hi, my name’s Phyllis. I guess basically my story is that we’re from a Chinese-Cambodian family. So in Cambodia, we’re a Chinese minority and my family came here during the Khmer Rouge. My dad came here alone into Canada. I guess we’re very lucky to establish ourselves in Toronto and he’s lucky to have found a job and reestablished himself here. He went through a lot of struggles coming here by himself. Coming from a rich family in Cambodia, that’s one of the reasons they survived, and then being able to give new life here, it just for me as a first generation Canadian gave me more purpose to achieve more and give back to my parents. It gives me more motivation to go after my dreams and chase after my dreams.

-What is your dream now?

-I go to school at McMaster so it’s just getting a better education for myself, and making a better life for my family and for myself. Hopefully I want to go into occupational therapy in the future but who knows, we’ll see. Everything changes!

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