I have had many different careers in the arts

Semco salehi - I Am Torontonian Hi my name is Jesse Ship. I’m a journalist in Toronto. I was born here but I grew up in Paris, France and then I came back here later as a teen and have spent most of my life here. I have had many different careers in the arts. When I was 21 I was scouted as a model and I worked in that industry for about 4 years seriously and then still do it on and off. I’ve been in music videos and print ads, and fashion shows and everything you can possibly do in the commercial, print, and video world I’ve pretty much – I’ve been involved as a stylist, and fashion marketing, fashion sales to streetwear, I was a managing editor for a streetwear blog called Format Mag, it’s not what it used to be, it’s changed hands but that was a really amazing experience. From there I became more of a journalist and a freelance writer writing for a wide variety of magazines in Toronto like NOW and Design Lines. I’ve written for Coachella’s Festival Guide Magazine, Noisey, Thump, and Vice. Now I’m at the Toronto Star and I work in social media. You can call me a ‘Facebook Jockey’ and I also am a freelance writer for the Star as well. My most recent story was on the Guvernment’s closing show with Deadmau5. Another good interview I did was with director Spike Lee. I live in Kensington Market and I am loving life!


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