I definitely feel like Toronto’s a second home to me

Semco Salehi - I Am Torontonian

Hi my name is Adam Rippon. I’m an international figure skater from the US. I currently live in Los Angeles but I spent two years living in Toronto training. I used to live in North York and I trained with Brian Orser, the famous Olympic Canadian skater. I always loved living in Canada and it’s something I look back on and it was a very fond memory of mine. Just because of my skating I end up in Canada every so often, usually more on the west coast now because I’m in Los Angeles and that’s where some of the international competitions happen, but my skating’s definitely brought me to Canada. I actually have Canadian roots where my grandmother was born in Toronto so I definitely feel like it’s a second home to me whenever I get back here. I love Toronto so I think that sums it up.
-How does it make you feel going back to LA now?
Well I love LA too. I’ve been in LA for two years now so LA feels like home but it’s funny coming here; I get these memories cause I’ve travelled in and out of Pearson Airport all the time. It’s kind of like a flashback today of like “Oh my god! I remember when I was with my whole group and we were all going somewhere.” I have so many good memories of living here and I always reminisce with some of my friends who are also US skaters who are now living back in the United States but we always reminisce and it was always a good time for us.


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